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West Tisbury, MA

"It is my favorite place to be.  I just love this place."  -- Fran

JNA designed this vacation residence for a site on Tiah’s Cove of Tisbury Great Pond on Martha’s Vineyard.

Situated in a low, sandy, scrub-oak and pine forest, a collection of buildings overlooks the Pond toward the south and is accessed from the northeast. Inspired by the West Tisbury farmhouse, the simple gabled forms afford each building a special view. One moves through the quiet and plain front façade toward the water and sunlight. The great room looks over the curved deck to Tiah’s Cove. The bedrooms face the ocean. Adjacent woodlands grace the view from the office and guest bedroom wing.

Images of fish, pinecones and native wildlife celebrate the home’s duel setting on the water in pine woods. These motifs are integrated into the building components throughout the house, screen pavilion, jacuzzi, and outdoor shower.

Contractor:  Tate Builders, Inc.