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Falmouth, MA

This late 1960s house, perched on a hill in the woods of an historic district, was ‘tired' and in need of renovation and reconfiguration. In Phase One, JNA completely renovated the lower level, revised the kitchen, redesigned the deck and landscape, and added an architecturally consistent garage to meet a young family's needs.

Removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room improved the quality of light and space in this area. JNA redesigned the lower level to provide a guest suite and support spaces for the family, including cedar and storage closets, new laundry room space, a sauna, and a small artist's studio. Simple finishes include low-VOC painted plaster and cork floors throughout. The abundant decks were rebuilt to reflect the cubic character of the house. Included in the new deck design is a small gardening station, as well as under-deck storage.

Conceived as a cube born from the original house, the new garage looks as though it gracefully tumbled from the house into place in the yard below. One accesses the garage from the north through a solid mahogany garage door, and enjoys natural lighting through a commercial glass garage door on the south side. Used solely as a window, this door allows for southern exposure and great breezes when open. The garage interior is paneled with formaldehyde-free wheatboard. The exterior cedar shingles will eventually age to camouflage the garage further into the background.

The landscape master plan by Stephen Stimson Associates includes monolithic bluestone steps, pavers and gravel, and new plantings including white multi-stem birch trees.

Phase Two of the project will include replacing all vinyl windows with newly designed wood-framed windows. Additionally, the entry stairwell will be opened up for better woodland views and to allow more natural interior light.

Contractor:  M. Duffany Builders, Inc.