Housing NOW Partnership

Inspired by the Cape Cottage–the truest architectural form of this landscape–these modern, fresh cottages expand in a landscape to write the story of modern lives.

Recalling the Truro and Provincetown vacation cottages, sweet objects on the beach, our cottages sit in their new landscapes alone, in clusters, or in rows. One, two, four… they will be organized to meet the desires, budgets, and needs of the owners and future tenants of the accessory apartments that can be added to our designs.

A central corridor organizes and connects the cottages. Outdoor and indoor rooms are created where Weber grills are fired up, work is tended to, friends rent, seasonal workers find housing, front porches are occupied, and modern families live their story.

The cottages – fresh, intelligent and efficient – embrace spaces we love and need:

  • Full kitchens that cook
  • A table long enough to support iPads, papers, food, friends and dinners all at the same time
  • Storage that keeps life in order
  • An infinity bench that holds one in comfort and flows into living and sleeping space for an occasional guest
  • A full basement option accessed with a hatch to a proper stair for generous storage space
  • Large windows and doors that connect spaces with light and landscapes to expand living
  • Cathedral ceilings that offer space with light and room for lofts, little spaces for invention
  • The cottages are designed to meet Stretch Building Code requirements, although not all towns on the Cape have adopted that code.


The cottages can also be easily modified to meet Net Zero Ready Home standards, where the addition of a renewable energy component (solar panels on the roofs) would reduce the amount of energy the home requires to operate to zero. Zero truly means that the homeowner would have no utility bills. An electric car charging station could be added. The amount of money saved by having no monthly utility bills in a Net Zero home could increase the amount of income available to qualify for a home purchase loan.

These cottages offer options in every way. They are individually and collectively affordable, expandable, flexible. They are joyful, smart, and financially and physically manageable. They offer rental income that can become more space when the finances allow and the additional income from the rental unit can help home buyers more easily qualify for purchase of their home.

This is Cape Housing NOW.

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