Design fees are charged on an hourly basis. The cost of construction of a project does not determine the architectural fees, but it is a useful guideline in projecting how much design time may be needed to consider the project and produce the drawings. A full scope of architectural services often falls within the range of 15% to 18% of the cost of construction. Fees will be in the higher end of that range for projects that consider a master plan, focus primarily on the kitchen and/or bathrooms, and/or have a construction budget below $200K. The nature of the decision-making process, the owner’s directives, and the level of design input requested all affect the overall fees. Therefore, fees can only be estimated at the start of a project based upon the potential size and complexity of the project and intended work.

The phases of architectural services include Project Initiation, Existing Conditions Drawings (if required), Preliminary Permitting Review, Schematic Design, Preliminary Pricing/Builder Selection, Design Development, Construction Document Phase, Permitting, Bidding or Pricing, Construction Documentation Revision (if necessary), Construction Administration, and Furniture & Interiors (if requested).