Mashpee, MA    2000

The Sporting Life was a retail venture and required a complete redesign of the interior space, furniture, and furnishings within an existing building at Mashpee Commons. Prior to renovation, the space had been an ordinary bank, complete with low ceilings and a large vault in the center of the room.

We began by demolishing the existing ceiling, which revealed a unique, radiating structure, reminiscent of the inside of an old wooden canoe. We chose vertical grain fir for the walls and cabinetry to create a warm environment derivative of the fishing cabins and family cottages of sporting enthusiasts.

To maximize the store’s visual display space, new windows were located at the outer edge of the building’s unusual curved facade. All spaces, merchandise layout, furniture, and finishes were original JNA design.

Builder: Cataldo Builders
Photographer: Charles Mayer