Oak Bluffs, MA    2014

Two generations of a family with deep ties to the island bought a 1946 Farm Pond ranch house on Martha’s Vineyard. The house was designed by Maxwell Moore, a modernist architect. The new owners embraced the mid-century design but wished to make it into a fresh version of itself.

New exterior doors were installed across the facade facing Vineyard Sound, and the long deck was rebuilt to handle the functions of outdoor dining and lounging.

Most of the interior spaces were retained, and the kitchen was opened up to connect the living and dining spaces. A sitting room facing the street, away from the water views, was lightly divided with a screen to create a family TV room.

The bedrooms are located at opposite ends of the house. At one end is the more private suite for the patriarch of the family, while the three bedrooms and baths at the other end are occupied by his daughter and her family.

The original open-sided garage was enclosed and part of it sequestered for indoor access to the basement through a large laundry and utility room.

Builder: Billy Reagan
Photographer: Meredith Hunnibell